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ATX Ram Bar (Powerlifting)

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28.5mm black oxide covered shaft with deep knurling and powerlifting rings. The sleeves are high-quality chromed with anti-slip grooves and brass bushings. I'm used to the crude high-wearing Texas Power Bar, but this bar is of a much higher-quality and at a much cheaper price here in the UK.

The ATX Ram Bar is a fantastic bar for the power lifts and a nice addition to any gym, particularly left in the olympic benches and for deadlifts. 

Suitable for use with olympic (2"/ 50mm) weight plates and collars. Sold separately.

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ATX produce so many great bars, and at exceptional prices, the difficulty is choosing the one for you. The truth is that you'll be happy with any of them, but the bar's features make them better-suited to certain ways/ types of training than others. In short, the Ram Bar is an out-and-out powerlifting bar with deep knurling and black oxide shaft. The Power Bars are for those predominantly performing static lifts - powerlifting and bodybuilding gyms - but suitable as multi-use bars. The Power Bearing Bar is a bit more of a hybrid and probably the bar of choice for an all-round trainer - traditional olympic lifts alongside static lifts. The Bulls Bearing Bar is leaning more toward your weightlifter, but does also features dual-ring markings, so an ideal CrossFit bar, too. 

Features of the ATX Ram Bar:

  • Made of very strong and elastic spring steel.
  • Special chromium steel alloy with 206,000 psi (tested!).
  • Heavy loads up to 700kg.
  • 20kg weight with minimal deviation.
  • Brass bushings sleeves.
  • Deep knurling with powerlifting markings.
  • The knurling extends to close to the sleeves for wide grips.
  • Knurling in the middle of the bar.
  • 50mm diameter sleeves suitable for olympic weight plates.
  • The bar has a black oxide finish and chrome sleeves.
  • The sleeves are provided with a ribbed anti-slip finish.
  • High ends sealed with Ram Bar ATX logo.

Suitable for use with olympic (2"/ 50mm) weight plates. Sold separately.

Specification of the ATX Ram Bar:

  • Length: 220 cm.
  • Weight: 20.00 kg.
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 0.2%.
  • Handle Thickness: 28.5mm.
  • Handle Width / inside size: 131 cm.
  • Material: Spring steel.
  • Strength: 206,000 psi.
  • Taxability Bench press: 700 kg.
  • Dead Lifts: 500 kg.
  • Squats: 400 kg.
  • Knurling: Powerlifting (Deep).
  • Knurl marks: 810.
  • Centre knurl.
  • Shaft Coating: Black Oxide.
  • Sleeve Coating: Chrome.
  • Sleeve Type: Smooth (non-slip).
  • 50 mm diameter sleeve.
  • Length of sleeve: 42 cm.
  • Brass Bushings.

Please check out the videos below, including Eddie Hall's deadlift training tips video, featuring the Deadlift Deadener 500 and Ram Bar

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