Many “About Us” pages say a lot without telling you anything at all – we’ll try and be a bit different!

Many “About Us” pages say why you should use their company and belittle all others – we’ll try and be a bit different, as there’s lots of great kit and good companies out there!

It’s probably best if we start with who’s behind The Gym Revolution – it’s Matt Bembridge, AKA the Gym Professor. Matt’s a natural bodybuilding champion, personal trainer, author, speaker, and inventor (namely Globe Gripz). Most of what Matt does is offered free-of-charge from his free-online-resource to speaking in schools and prisons. For over a decade, Matt has worked for, with, and on behalf of some of the industry’s leading names and sports bodies and has helped clients from the disabled to physique competitors. You can find Matt on the following social media resources:

Facebook: Gym Professor
Twitter: @GymProfessor
YouTube: Gym Professor YouTube Channel
Instagram: gym_professor
LinkedIn: Matt on LinkedIn


Why we do what we do: The reason for The Gym Revolution is passion for the gym and passion for good products. We want to bring high-quality items to the UK that are not currently available; we’ll give you just some examples:
Chin bars that fix to the wall or ceiling, here you go: Ceiling-Mount Chin Bars
6ft Bars that fit an olympic-width rack, here you go: 6ft International Olympic Bars
A Leg Blaster squat device: Leg Blaster Squat Device : I've wanted one of these for so long, check out the Gym Professor article here: Leg Blaster Squats
Some cool ways to store your weights and bars: Modular Storage, Cue Racks, Toast Rack, Gun Racks, etc.
A Prowler with replacable skis: Big Prowler Sled
Premium-quality and design bars at affordable prices: Pro-Grade Olympic Bars
Well-designed and made power racks that don't cost the earth: Power Racks
Pro-Style dumbbells and barbells made to your spec. and assembled before dispatch: CHD Dumbbells and Barbells

There's so many more great items you'll fine on the website; so, just have a browse and enjoy :)

Having worked in the industry for so long and knowing or having worked with pretty much every major gym company out there, we feel that the gym equipment offered through The Gym Revolution is the best-value for quality and most of it we just think is pretty darn cool. In short, every item we promote, we’re happy to recommend and use ourselves! 

The Gym Revolution/ Gym Professor is the worldwide distributor of all Gym Professor inventions and merchandise and the UK's exclusive distributor of brand names including Barbarian Line, ATX, MegaTec, California Heavy Duty Dumbbell, Original Russian Kettlebells, and IronSports. Almost all items are held in stock at the European distributor:

If there’s something you’re looking for that we don’t stock, let us know. If we don’t stock it, we’ll either source it or point you in the direction of a company that does sale it – YES, that’s right! We’ll point you in the direction of a competitor.

The Gym Revolution is here because we’re passionate about what we do and we want to help you with your gym equipment requirements – we think that’s the right reason!  Bring on The Gym Revolution!

If you have any queries whatsoever or wish to discuss your gym equipment needs, please text, call, or email.

All the best,

The Gym Revolution