The bars on The Gym Revolution website, as seen HERE, have been sold and used many times without issue. Most bars, however cheap, will last a lifetime if looked after, cared for properly and used for their intended purpose. Similarly, any bar, however expensive/ well-made, will get damaged through incorrect/ improper use. Any usage outside of the guidelines/recommendations below voids any warranties.

(a) It is not recommended to use any bar for rack pulls. Experience tells us that it is the single most common gym lift that damages/ bends bars, and should be avoided!

(b) Dropping a bar onto the safeties (i.e. when squatting) will have the same effect as rack pulls. Pushing your limits, we always recommend squatting with spotters, both for safety, and to stop the bar being dropped on a failed lift. Dropped bars (onto safeties), rack pulls, and also squat jumps, void all warranties.

(c) Any rust or cosmetic blemishes are not covered by warranties, this is a normal process of slow oxidation. It is normal that bars will develop some rust over time, but the rate and extent is largely down to the atmospheric conditions of storage/ use and also maintenance carried out on them.

(d) Regardless of the static load rating of a bar, please choose the bar most appropriate for the type of lifting it will be used for. For most bars, we suggest their intended usage in the description and also suggest a maximum taxable load for the heaviest of lifts e.g. ATX Ram Bar (Powerlifting) recommended for static powerlifting exercises - Bench Press 700kg, Deadlifts 500kg, Squats 400kg. Further note: We never recommend dropping bars when deadlifting, the bar should always be lowered to the floor in a controlled manner.

(e) When doing clean and jerks/overhead work, we only recommend using advertised "Weightlifting" bars e.g. ATX Bulls Bearing Bar (Weightlifting), always use full rubber bumper plates, and only on suitable weightlifting platforms, as advertised (not harder style matting like stable mats!). Dropping a bar from any height with cast iron plates on the bar will almost always cause the bar to bend.

(f) Any bar used in a modern-day commercial environment is more susceptible to damage/ deterioration, partly because of the amount of use it is undergoing, but largely due to the fact it is outside of the control of the Owner/ Manager (at least to an extent) how the bar is being used/cared for by the gym users. We generally recommend the ATX bars or Texas bars in situations like this.

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