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ATX Delta Swing Olympic Weights

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These are exceptionally well-made weight plates designed to be versatile in the gym enviroment. See our review below.

Available in increments 5kg, 10kg, and 20kg, see drop-down selection. 

Price/s are for single weight plates. For a pair, select quantity '2'.

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These are superb-quality weight plates - typically ATX, the quality is top-notch and they look and feel impressive.

In use, the design itself is a bit like Marmite - you'll love it or hate it. I can see their best use in a studio - class or PT - environment, as you can easily make use of them for bar loading, swings, farmers walk, etc. - they are incredibly versatile. In a regular well-equipped gym environment, I wouldn't personally choose to pick them up. That said, in our showroom (@theGym), we do deliberately leave us set by both the Earthquake Bar and ATX Jammer Arms. The offset hole adds an extra dynamic to lifts, causing further movement / wobble-effect. On the jammer arms, they're interesting on the jammer movements, as the weights inertia carries it through and again changes the dynamic somewhat.

So, I'm not personally a fan, but, they are exceptionally well-made and do have their place.

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