Modern-day strongman offers some of the best functional and basic lift exercises around. As both strongman training and the use of their exercises in general training have become popular again, we've been making more and more kit; so, here you go... ...we can even make you a car carry or barrel lift :)

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    ATX Dual-Grip Farmer's Walk Handles

    Plate-loadable farmer's walk handles with dual-grips, offering 30mm gr...
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    ATX Top-Load Adjustable Farmer's Walk Handles

    Top-load adjustable farmer's walk handles have long been my preferred ...
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    ATX Olympic 2" Fat Bar

    This fat bar features markers and 50mm ends. A great way to mix up you...
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    ATX Monster Multi-Yoke

    700kg load strongman lifting yoke/ multi-purpose stand. Offers 25 fine...
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    Eddie Hall - Meet and Greet

    DATE: 8th October 2017. VENUE: @theGym Bristol BS48 4DJ. TIME: Midday....

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